Football Sponsorship

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Football Sponsorship

5494872-largeSponsorship in football has changed over the past few years with brands from around the world gaining a lot of different publicity from different sponsorship deals. This week saw Derby County change the name of Pride Park to the Ipro Stadium. The club have followed in the footsteps of teams such as Arsenal, Manchester City and Brighton Hove Albion. The deal is the biggest in football league history and has produced Derby with a significant revenue stream. Derby County Chief Executive Sam Rush was delighted with the deal. “To ensure that Derby County remains as competitive as possible we need to explore all forms of revenue generation” Rush stated. “Stadium naming rights is a key asset for the club and we are delighted to have reached an agreement with iPro.”

Any football team changing the name of any asset comes with a risk. The most important part of the football club is the fans and many fans up and down the country don’t like change in their football club and it will be interesting to see how Derby County’s fans react.

There is no doubt that Derby County’s fans will be looking at the club very carefully at the clubs spending as many will expect the club to invest in new players. Sponsorship in football is a big issue and it will be interesting to see how many of the other clubs up and down the country opt for renaming rights on their respected assets.

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BT Sports Land Champions League Deal

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BT Sports Land Champions League Deal

btsport-mic_2646664bThere is no doubt that the Champions League is one of the biggest sporting competitions in the world, with millions tuning in to watch the tournament every other week. The Champions League has handed exclusive television rights to Sky in recent years, however, Sky Sports rival BT Sports have announced an exclusive deal worth £897 million to show the Champions League.

This is a massive coup for BT Sports as Sky have been at the forefront of the Champions League for many years. This deal will definitely be a big loss for Sky as they regard themselves as the market leader in televised football and midweek viewing will be effected. A BT spokesperson stated that they have “Shaken up the UK TV market” with the deal. However, current owners of the television rights, ITV and Sky, are not willing to pay the £299 million a season.

This is a landmark for BT Sports as sports television has been overrun in recent years by Sky. Earlier this year BT managed to secure 38 Premier League games, however, it was clear that Sky has the edge over the competition with the Champions League coverage. It will be interesting to see where Sky go as they have had their competitors over the years. Sky have managed to beat off competition form ESPN, Setanta Sports, and ITV digital. However, the announcement of the Sky Sports deal has shown real intent from BT Sports and it will be interesting to see how the pendulum swings. This news is also bad for ITV who have already lost the FA Cup highlights. They will be hoping to cling onto the Champions league highlights, however, the future looks bleak to say the least.

Overall, it will be interesting to see how BT Sports present the Champions League, however, the deal does show intent and sparks real competition with Sky.

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Football Flares

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Football Flares

flares-001Over the course of the season flares have been vigorously used. Many different fans from across the UK have taken the continental approach to football supporting and have started to introduce flares into matches. This has been a taboo issue issue for the leagues across the England, however the Premier League are now trying to eradicate the number of flaires used at games.

“We will say to the fans that we understand you think it’s just a bit of fun but they are dangerous.” The Premier League’s head of supporter services stated on BBC Breakfast. “We want people to be aware of what the dangers are, both to themselves and people around them.” “It will also make people aware of what the consequences of their actions are- this can carry a banning order, it can carry a custodial sentence, there can be really quite serious consequences for fans and we want to avoid that.”

There is no doubt that flares can be extremely dangerous with some flares burning up to 1600 degrees. Police have reported a 140% increase in people using pyrotechnic devices in games and a 150% increase in police arrests for using flares. There have been a wide range of different fans from a variety of different teams who have used pyrotechnics at matches this season and it seems that the Premier League are doing their best to eradicated this issue.

There have been a wide range of different supporters who have used pyrotechnics in football matches this season. The following is a list of the biggest offenders:

  • Everton
  • Manchester United
  • Wigan Athletic
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester City
  • Sheffield United
  • Bradford City
  • Bristol City
  • Burnley
  • Charlton Athletic
  • Leeds United
  • Mansfield Town
  • Oldham Athletic
  • Nottingham Forest

There is no doubt that there has been an increase in the amount of flares used at games, however, they do cause a threat and it is important that everyone is safe during their match day experience.

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Attention Turns To Internationals

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Attention Turns To Internationals

The first few games of the season are over, and now the attention turns to the international qualifiers. This week the home nations as England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland undertake games this week. All nations are chasing their World Cup 2014 dreams with a juicy fixture list in store. The following is a run down of the home nation fixtures that are scheduled to take place on Friday 6th September:

england-badgeEngland vs Moldova

England face Moldova in a must win match at Wembley stadium.  England have had a stop-start qualifying campaign so far after they find themselves 2nd in a fairly week group (On paper.) England go into the game during a time where England’s international prowess is being questioned. England have failed to reach the semi-final of a major international tournament since 1990, and there have been many different plans of reform from coaching, to the reduction of foreign players playing in the Premiership. England are definitely the favorites in this tie, with many seeing the away fixture against Ukraine on Wednesday as the major fixture of the week. However, Moldova will be no push overs and England will have to battle against Moldova without talisman Wayne Rooney. This game should be a thrilling encounter as England look to edge their way into the 2014 World Cup.

Destination: Wembley Stadium

Date: Friday 6th September 2013

Kick off: 20.00


wales_football_badgeMacedonia vs Wales 

Gareth Bale returns to the Wales national team as the world record signing travels to Macedonia. Wales will have to battle hostile conditions in Macedonia, and it will be a tough test for the team. Wales still have a chance of qualifying for the World Cup this year. Welsh boss Chris Coleman believes that this his side face two “huge” games, as Wales look to qualify. The game will be difficult and a loss will definitely hurt Wales. All Welsh eyes will be looking at the Arena Phillip, Skopje as Wales look for victory.

Destination: Arena Phillip, Skopje

Date: Friday 6th September 2013

Kick off: 18:00

sports_scotland-football-badgeScotland vs Belgium

  Scotland vs Belgium is one of the games of the games of the day. Belgium are currently top of the group  and one of the best teams in the world. Superstars such as Christian Benteke, Eden Hazard, and Vincent Kompany play for the Belgian team who look unstoppable at the moment. This game will be tightly contested and the Scottish crowd will have to get behind their team. Scotland’s last game was tightly contested against England and Scotland will be expecting more of the same.

Destination: Hampden Park, Glasgow

Date: Friday 6th September

Kick Off: 20:00

Ireland_Football_Team_BadgeRepublic of Ireland vs Sweden

  The Republic of Ireland face Sweden at the Aviva stadium in Dublin. The Republic of Ireland like the other home nations are looking to qualify for the World Cup after the extreme disappointment of loosing  their World Cup playoff  qualifier against France. Ireland are extremely close to reaching the playoff again this time around and a win against Sweden will definitely help them on their road to Brazil.

Destination: Aviva Stadium, Dublin

Date: 6th September 2013

Kick off: 19:45


Northern_ireland_national_football_team_logoNorthern Ireland vs Portugal 

This game is big for Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland have struggled so far in the World Cup qualifiers, however, in their last game they beat a strong Russian squad 1-0. A lot of fans will be looking forward to the tie with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo visiting Windsor Park. Portugal will definitely bring their A game to the Northern Irish as they are looking to finish as group leaders. This game will be watched closely by many different neutrals, as many will be looking for Northern Ireland to cause an upset.

Destination: Windsor Park

Date: Friday 6th September 2013

Kick off: 19:45



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Capital One Cup 3rd Round Results

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The Capital One Cup restarted this week with teams up and down the country trying to book their place at Wembley. There were some tightly contested fixtures over the two days and there will be a few tired legs during the weekend. The Following is the pick of the ties from the 3rd round:

Manchester United 1-0  Liverpool

The biggest tie of the round saw Manchester United beat Liverpool with the only goal of the game going to Javier Hernandez. Both teams share a strong rivalry with a whole range of different teams battling it out for a place in the 4th round. Liverpool handed a first start to the season to Luis Suarez, a player that gave the reds a lot of problems over the summer. Suarez almost made it a dream return as he hit the bar with a free kick. However, Manchester United held on and got the result they wanted. This could be counted as revenge as Liverpool beat Manchester United earlier in the season. Manchester United progress to the next round of League Cup where they will face Norwich City at Old Trafford.

Birmingham City 3-1 Swansea 

After winning the cup last year Swansea City got knocked out of the competition by Sky Bet Championship side Birmingham City. The cup holders were emarassed as they traveled away, and they will be looking to bounce back in the Premiership on Saturday.


Leicester City 2-1 Derby County 

In a fiery East Midlands Derby, Leicester City beet Derby County at the King Power Stadium. Derby County had taken the lead in the first half before a wonderstrike from Anthony Knockhart, and a flick from Danny Drinkwater gave the home side a 2-1 win. The game was a tightly contested with Derby County




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