Hull City Owner Allam Quit Threat

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Hull City Owner Allam Quit Threat

Hull City have had an excellent start to the season this year, and find themselves as one of the teams to beat this season. There play on the pitch has been outstanding have met all expectations. However, the controversy off the pitch at Hull City has taken away some shine off Hull City.

The controversy has been all about the naming rights of Hull City. Hull’s Chairman, Dr Assem Allan has been trying to change the name of the club from Hull City to Hull City Tigers. The name change has been met with criticism by a variety of different pundits with the majority being against the decision.

A twist has recently been added to the saga, as Chairman Allem has said that he will leave the club if he is unable to leave the club. There is no doubt that this is a tricky issue for Hull City supporters as ¬†Assem Allam saved the club from certain administration in 2010. Allam has backed the club heavily over the years and now Hull find themselves in an incredible position in the Premier League. Hull City manager Steve Bruce has also praised the chairman over the past few weeks. Bruce stated “I think the chairman has put something like 70 million into this club, so without him there wouldn’t be a “Hull City” it would be down the tubes. ”

There have been a number of questionable decisions that have been made over the past few months by football chairmen. Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan has been in the press recently after changing the kit and badge of Cardiff City from blue to red. There is definitely a culture behind every football club and the involvement by chairmen is a intricate issue. The owner of a football club invests money into many fan’s beloved clubs and it is difficult to criticize owners. Many football fans will be watching the situation at Hull very closely as the name change look a lot more of a issue than people thought.

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