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So you’re completely confused with your mans football terminology and chatter – but don’t worry, our handy glossary will ensure you never get lost again! We put it in alphabetical order to help you find what you need!

If someone says about the current score – ‘it’s 2 all’ that means that each team has 2 goals. Or they could have the same amount of players ’11 all’.
Don’t worry, it’s not violence, it just means that a certain player/s are trying to score a goal. They are essentially attacking the goal.
Automatic promotion
If a team has done really well in a season they will automatically get bumped up into the next leaugue to play against better teams, it’s a realllllly big thing in football!
Away means that a team isn’t playing at their home, or usual ground, they have travelled ‘away’ to play a match
The box is a marked area on the football pitch, like the penalty box. These boxes usually have different rules attached to them, like no tackling as it’s close to the goal.
the middle of the pitch
to shout loudly when your team does something good, different clubs have their own unique cheers and songs!
He’s the dude who keeps the players in tip top condition.
a kick taken from the corner of the football field
to pass the ball across the field to another player on your team
the players that try to stop the other team from scoring a goal
a player that tries to stop the other team from scoring a goal
to move the ball along with your feet
a person who supports a football team
field of play
an area of grass where you can play a game of football also know as the pitch
Or more formally – Fédération Internationale de Football Association
the last match of a competition – the winner wins the whole competition
This is the layout of the players on the pitch, who stands where.
to do something against the rules
Free kick
if a player breaks a rule, then the other team can kick the ball
the place where footballers put the ball to get a point; a point
the person who tries to stop goals
half time
a break in the middle of a football match
half-way line
the line across the middle of a football pitch
Hand ball
This is when a player on purpose or sometimes accidentally uses their hand to touch the ball
hat trick
three goals scored by the same player
header/ head the ball
to hit a ball with your head
this is where the team you support trains and plays matches, their home ground. It means they are playing where they are based, at home.
the person who tries to stop goals
to hit a ball with your foot
the time that a football game starts, when the referee blows the whistle to start the match
the uniform that a football team wears, usually a shirt, shorts and socks, all matching with their name and number on the back.
Linesman/woman/Assistant Ref/
usually 2 in a match they run up and down the side of the pitch helping the referee spot any offsides, goals or fouls.
This is the dude who is usually screaming from the dugout (the place where he or she sits). They decide who is playing and the formation, buying players and selling players and when to substitute players.
a football game, usually 90 minutes with a break in the middle. Played in two halves (45 minutes each)
the middle of the football pitch or field
this goes between the goalposts and holds the ball after a goal
if the score is 1-nil, one team has one goal, the other team has no goals
4th Official
this is another referee who assists the referee and assisstant referee’s with their job. handy incase of injury or unruly managers!
This is the most complicated thing to explain in football – so here goes;
if a player from team A is trying to score a goal but it nearer to the goal than any player from team B (excluding the goalie) or the ball then they are offside. That’s because they are in a position of advantage, and it’s not fair.
Thats the very basics to the offside rule. We’ll do more discussion on that on our Rules page.
to kick the ball to another player in your team
the chance to score a goal without the other team stopping you
penalty box or area
the place on a pitch where players can take penalties
Penalty shootout
If the two teams have a equal score, they will sometimes take it in turns to shoot penalties as a decider
area of ground used to play football
Play offs
These are a collection of matches to decide from a few teams who will get promoted into the league above their current one.
a person who plays football
goalpost, the wooden part of a goal
Red card
the referee shows a red card to a player when a player has done something against the rules. It means that the player has to leave the pitch and can’t play for the rest of the game. This means they did something really bad, or got 2 yellow cards (2 yellows = 1 red)
the person who controls a football match
this happens when a team don’t do very well in a season and get demoted to the league below where they are currently playing.
this is when a match is played again to work out the average goals scored per team. Often it is played once at Team A’s home ground and once at Team B’s. This could also be on the TV when a programme shows a goal or a pass again. Replaying the moment.
the team that you are playing against
when the goalkeeper stops the ball from going into the goal
the number of points for each team after a match
to hit the ball in the goal; to get a goal
second half
the second part of a match, after half time
send somebody off
to make a player leave the pitch
to kick the ball and try to score a goal
a kick where the player tries to score a goal
the lines marking the long sides of a football pitch
a person who watches football
to kick the ball and try to score a goal
a player who tries to score goals
a player who comes on if another player can’t play
to want a team to win
to try to take the ball from another player
a group of people who play football together against another group
a chance for a player to throw the ball into the game
practising and preparing for football matches
a prize for the winner of a competition
to hit the ball without it touching the ground
a line of players together
something the referee uses to control a game; it makes a loud noise
the left wing is the left side of the pitch; the right wing is the right side
a player who plays at the sides of the pitch
World Cup
a football competition that happens every four years
yellow card
the referee shows a yellow card to a player when the player has done something against the rules

We’ll be adding more and more to this page as we think of them, but if you have any you want to know about, words you have heard that you are unsure of, just let us know and we’ll do our best!

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